The disturbing humanoid by the river


Today I did the river thing. You know, sit on the perfect rock next to the perfect river and be still until awakening follows.

What was that river telling me? What was so important that held all the trees on the opposite side captive in their stillness?

What was the meaning of those bulging foil wrapped waves with their frothing beards?

Damn, I shouldn’t be thinking. Bad mind. Shut up.

Is life truly like a river? Is nature, as it is said to be, a river of consciousness? I am like that wave, a static form that is never once the same underlying substance?

My eyes drifted from the river to the tree roots at my feet. My awareness expanded and I could hear the universe laughing at me as in the Rorschach blot of reality a humanoid creature presented itself in a disturbing pose.

And Buddha smiled.



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