Seeing love through blind quietude


I saw, I clicked and I wondered. Now what?  Branches dissect morning sun reflection over lake.  Not good enough, I may as well photograph: trash covering tarmac at dump.


Relax eyes and stare again.

Aha! There is nothing here. Meaningless shapes and colours.

A little bird wolf whistles me. Not so fast Bro, she says as she hands me her glasses.

Woah! The branches turn into a playground of cool spots I can hop to. Horrible cats can only stare at me as I sing on the dock of the bay. And berries! This is a sweet shop without a till. Pure joy is what I see.

Thanks little bird, but I can’t really see this. On the other hand, I could show you the Abercromby store in Ginza but I guess you wouldn’t like it. Nor do I, to be honest. Or we could go and see Skyfall! What? You don’t get it?

A mess of trunks and branches on a light box of misty sun.



How extraordinary! I can see colours and shapes that mean nothing. I can observe with perfect quietude of mind. If I would switch on my ears too, I would hear Otis sing her heart out. Surely I will fall in love?

Blinded by love, I’m lost in a confusion of branches under the gentle gaze of a winter sun.


Your turn

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