When I travel


My awareness travels with me.

The place I leave behind disappears like a dream upon waking, and with it, the people I love.

But I am not sad for when I travel, a new world is born to me, to be seen through brand new eyes, and with it, people to meet. More people to love.

I am a travelerย in space and time, a wave of consciousness that must keep moving to exist.

Upon return, I reincarnate a world I know so well. Or was it dream?

But home is a destination as well as a point of departure.

For travel I must.


9 thoughts on “When I travel

      1. To let go of it permanently and to keep chasing a new one with every new travel? There is a lot of risk and uncertainty in the concept, but then what is certain and guaranteed in this life…..

      2. We don’t have to let go of everything and we should keep the fun bits. Aside from that,this sort of travel is not for everyone but sooner or later it happens to us all. This is when travel becomes an illustration of life; letting go and embracing what is here and now. The experience teaches us that we can manage. This becomes confidence in knowing we can manage and that, makes risk and uncertainty a figment of our imagination.

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