When waiting pays


I’m waiting for someone with whom I risk to have a ‘fight’. Some unfulfilled promises that is costing us both money. I’m preparing the meeting in my mind.

Don’t get mad, I coach myself, smile.

Think of constructive phrases to discuss the problems.

Remember you’re own mantra: no dispute, no negotiation. Just value exploration.

He’s late. I’ve driven 30 kilometres to meet him. So much for respect.

Shhht. Don’t even think that. He has a good reason. You are partners, remember, that’s like friends on a journey together.

Oh yeah? Friends don’t bullshit each other.

Come on, give him a break. What would you have done in his position?

Honestly? I wouldn’t make promises I couldn’t keep.

Faire enough.

Still waiting. My little internal dialogue has silenced me. It doesn’t matter. Perhaps something good will come out of this.

Tapping my finger on the armrest. Nice little rhythm. Playing piano now, if only you could hear me! Better not perhaps.

We met years ago and vowed we would do business together. The opportunity came up last year when a business contact in Abu Dhabi asked me to find a supplier for services. My friend jumped on it. We strategized and agreed how to split the millions of dollars we were sure to make.

Actually, it was fun. We travelled to Abu Dhabi on several occasions and were treated like VIPs. Arab hospitality is real and it makes me cringe how we treat our guests in the west.

Sitting outside a restaurant, it must be winter! Smoking a grape flavoured Shisha and I don’t even smoke. Lots of fruit juices, arab grill, fish, breads, houmous. I can taste that, just thinking back.

Lots of client visits, but no business.

Still waiting.

Waiting for what?

Waiting for business?

Waiting for my business partner?

We spend our life waiting, don’t we?

Enough of that.

My business partner has shown up and I’ve told him that I am not waiting anymore. When business comes our way, that’s wonderful. In the meantime, I’m moving on.

We discuss and we’re OK. This is life, no problem.

How’s Adrian? I ask.

Not good for us. He just got an offer from an American outfit in Paris.

Sorry to hear it.

We talk about the philosophy of business when a thought bubbles up.

Say, weren’t you and Adrian writing a book?

Yes. Big problem now. I have three publishers waiting for an answer but I don’t have time.

He frowns, stress lines run across his face.

Say, did you know I was a technical writer before?

His eyes open wide. Well yes, now that you mention it. Would you…?

And so the story ends.  I thought we were going to argue. Instead we shook hands on a book.

I have a book deal…!

OK, it is not the philosophical fiction novel that is waiting to be born. Neither is it a book on genetic fractals that is brewing to enter global consciousness. It is a book on management, on his patented Value Governance framework.

I’ve done magazines but never a book so I’m happy to put whatever it takes between the covers, as long as my name is on the spine.

Call me a whore and I’ll tell you I’m a junkie!

I’m going to write a book, tra la la la…


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