Forget news, go for olds


As I reloaded my bag for another day on the battlefield of business, I found Thursday’s newspaper, neatly folded and never been touched. I had picked it up in a hotel and never had time to read it. I normally wouldn’t bother now, but as I am in a trash-reduction mood, I decided to read it anyway. And a wise decision that was!

I read about North Korea and their nuclear posturing. I didn’t feel threatened at all as I happened to know that we survived the weekend. I also wrote a blog post that involved shrimps and I have this image of a crustacean prancing all over a red button. Scary and silly.

There was an article about the french president Hollande who is dealing with a confidence crisis following the fraudulent actions of a minister in charge of, ehh, anti-fraud. As I don’t believe in Hollande’s War on Wealth, I smirk when I read this. Unlike the journalist who wrote the article I also happen to know that the cheating minister  may have been hiding 15 million Euros and not a mere 600’000. I have the benefit of future information, and my grin has increased in the same proportion.

The S&P 500 has dropped a few points, so I made the right investment decision not to invest a million bucks last Thursday  In fact, I save myself a few thousand dollars! Technically this is a profit. Yes!

There are also some reports of more people killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. By now they will have been buried and both the healing and hatred processes have been engaged.  On the flip side, people in Damascus were quietly drinking coffee last Thursday  not knowing that they would die today. Their lives cut short, just like that. A chain of death.

Princess Cristina of Spain fared better than feared on Thursday. Her subpoena hasn’t been mentioned by anyone since then so the whole media thing is back under control. Phew.

Well, you get the idea. Olds is much more interesting than news. It comes with context of hindsight and all the urgency has been removed. We can quietly have our breakfast and not worry whether we’ll live to have dinner. It’s like being blessed with tons of insider information and you know it!

I once manned 3rd level response for a help desk and made a point of not responding to queries within 24 hours. At least 50% of the problems resolved themselves. Who needs new problems? Let them mature a bit.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s news paper. Friday is always good, with the weekend coming up and all.


8 thoughts on “Forget news, go for olds

    1. It’s not always easy in the heat of the moment but it always pays. Great western line – these script writers must have a lot if fun when they come out with such classics. Thanks !

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