Snapshot: On a leash. What leash?

Chinese restaurant in Luxembourg. Three friends and myself are having dinner. Next to us a party of eight Japanese and one enormous Irish Wolfhound tied to their table. The dog has seen it all before lies quietly on his side, minding his own business.

We stare at this dozing monster and throw a piece of pork at him. He opens an eyelid, shifts his head slightly and swipes up the pork bite with one confident lick. ‘Nice’, he smacks. We throw another piece but it falls short by half a meter. The hound gets up, walks over and gobbles up the pork bite. Except that…

Except that he is attached to a table. Instantaneously the table shifts an easy half a meter and each Japanese guest is now sitting in front of his neighbors plate. Except the last two, they are no longer at the table.


Lots of yelling in Japanese, at the dog. We try to explain but are ignored. The dog doesn’t bother to explain. He looks at his owner: ‘So what’s up with you lot?’

He looks back at us.

And smacks his lips.

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