55 word Flash Fiction: Phases of the moon

Sharp shadowed and blue faced, the sleepless poetess sits behind the open window and ponders my ancient face; searching the thief who stole the quiet night just when I turned my back so briefly. But will she find that the silence that reflects in me is patiently waiting in the full moon of her eyes?

(Thanks Bastet for leading me to this fun ‘exercise‘ 🙂 )


11 thoughts on “55 word Flash Fiction: Phases of the moon

  1. That seems like a pretty good idea. I don’t think I could do better.
    By the way, I’ve been mulling about your last comment on genetic fractals. I think I get what you’re doing now. It really seems quite powerful: if I understood it correctly it’s an expansion of the fractal concept where there’s more to the next phase than contracting and moving. Have you considered random variability? That could be fun.
    As to the programming language, Ruby seems like a good option, I think it has the tkinter libraries just like Python. Have you tried Python, by the way? The more I use it, the more I like it. And it also has plenty of libraries (tkinter included) for all kinds of stuff. Also, Google app engine makes it pretty convenient to turn stuff into a web app.

    1. Yes, I can vary the randomness which turns something man made into something mad and natural 🙂

      I started with Python and I didn’t go very far. Then I took a look at Ruby and fell in love. With Ruby on Rails it is also very easy to make UIs. My current web host doesn’t support it yet, so everything runs locally.

      As said, I’m working on the underlying maths to get more out the genetic fractals for other purposes than pretty pictures. I’ll keep you (all) updated if I do something cool!

      1. Shop talk 🙂

        I’m on a digital fast now and when that is over I’ll present a little break through (for me) as I have solved the cherry blossom paradox: one moment the flower is not there and then it is. What happened in between? It goes right to the heart of “what is creativity?”, human or natural 🙂

        Back soon…

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