Mad scientist day: don’t try this at home

Every blossom is a new universe with it sown destiny
Every blossom is a new universe with its own destiny

I’ve been walking around with this idea for a while now and today I realised that I have to do this: I’m going to recreate the Big Bang.

There was a massive news story about scientists finding evidence of the early inflation of the universe just after the Big  Bang but that is not why I’m engaging in this little experiment. I’m not a scientist who wants to understand how it happened but more of an engineer who wonders if it could be done and how.

Safety first: this experiment will create a new and parallel universe and therefore,  you have nothing to worry about. Besides,  I’ll pull the plug before it gets out of hand. We’re safe!

If you have followed my ramblings on the Creation Equation and other weird posts, you will already know that I’ve been gifted with mad genius. Or was it genial madness? Whatever.

The Creation Equation is a piece of maths that I’m very proud of. It is a tool for growing organisms and studying evolution hands on. Yesterday I posted a math heavy description of this equation on my other blog and if you are mathematically literate or mildly curious, have a look. There are even pretty pictures, if you’re into graphs and stuff.

Anyway, one of the driving forces behind this madness is a desire to understand how it all started. The creationist myth doesn’t do it for me though I can see a God pop up somewhere along the line. More on this later.

I’ve been experimenting with the Creation Equation and have concluded that I can use it to create a Big Bang, i.e. starting with a quantum fluctuation, a mere whisper, this equation can create a universe.

Holy cow! A whole universe?!

As said, it will happen in a parallel universe (that is my laptop). Once unleashed, the Creation Equation will inflate that universe and create a whole new reality. And if I leave it running for 13 billion years, it is quite likely that it will evolve intelligent life.

All this is just nuts & bolts stuff but it did occur to me that should any of the intelligent life forms that evolve in the new universe ever question the meaning of life and reality and they decide to point their telescopes at the point of origin: will they find me? A God? I don’t think so as I have covered my tracks well. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t exist. Right?!

I thought I had better post this before doing the experiment. If it all goes hopelessly wrong,  at least someone will know the truth. More likely, I will send you postcards from my new universe and at least you’ll know what the heck that is all about.


6 thoughts on “Mad scientist day: don’t try this at home

  1. Heavens this sounds exciting…I wonder if we got really curious if we’d find some genius who played games with his laptop relatively 13 billion of our years ago…perhaps 13 hours of his relative time…careful one never knows!

  2. Promise me you’ll be a good god. Visit your creatures frequently, pop in for cups of tea and a few town hall meetings. Show you’re interested, they’ll appreciate it 😉

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