Postcard from a new Universe


As promised, having created a new Universe, here is a postcard. I hope you weren’t expecting lush strange forests with bizarre animals at my feet; this universe is brand new and hasn’t quite inflated yet, let alone generated organic life. Let me explain.

This universe was created with the Creation Equation (more here and scary maths here). This equation serves to create “things”. Sofar I have used it to create organic-like things or every day design objects, as in the examples below.

genetic fractals
Abstract organism
basket genetic fractal
Silver basket

Now that is cool and all that (more here if you agree), but these things were carefully designed. As I laid in bed admiring the gorgeous maths of the Creation Equation, it occurred to me that it could create things of its own accord. And if I let it go its way, what would it create?

Here is the idea. If you have a machine that create things as long as you feed it with some material, then if you connect pipe from the machine where all the stuff comes out to the part where you feed it with material, then it will start doing all sorts of weird things. Engineers call this feedback; mathematicians call this differential equations but I call it: the dog that has caught its tail. And believe me: that will spin and send the crockery flying.

So using the Creation Equation, I took whatever it created and fed it back into the same equation. My expectation that it would start creating something that would grow and grow. Something that would inflate from nothing. A universe from a proper little Big Bang.

Well folks, the photo at the top of this post is a photo of this new Universe, 1200 sachs after its creation. (FYI sachs is whatever you want to it be but if you want to think of it as nano-seconds, you may). After about 1200 sachs, my laptop runs out of steam but let that not dissuade us from being awed.

Below is an image from another angle. The Big Bang is at the top right. For the experts, it is surprising how asymmetric, flat and random this universe is.


So what are we looking at here? The swirling tubes are in fact traces of moving particles. They spin and spiral and occasionally they seem to hug themselves as they spiral up into a tight column before going off again. At certain times the particles split into two and veer off into two separate directions.

What does it mean? Your guess is as good as mine.This new Universe has its own laws of physics that I have not studied but from experimenting a little, when I change these laws, i.e. when I change how the Creation Equation bites its own tail, the picture changes and a different universe is created. Surprisingly, the initial trigger, i.e. the minor whisper that sets the whole thing going doesn’t appear to matter that much. After a while the laws of the physics of this universe take over and generates whatever it does.

Clearly, I need to study this more but I thought that I should send this postcard so that you know that all is well. That I didn’t get wiped out during this Big Bang and that although I miss you terribly, it’s quite awe inspiring to be the first human to enter this new space. Love and all that. Genetic Fractals.



13 thoughts on “Postcard from a new Universe

    1. I have noticed an increase in traffic since I posted the maths – Creation Equation is a magic word 🙂 I’m sure there is a dude/esse out there that would be happy to hijack some billion-dollar-a-minute super computer time to help the cause.

      Aside from that, I’ll look for some mathematical short cuts so I can fast forward 13.6 billion years and get a snapshot of your mirror copy + blog.

  1. Actually, you did get wiped out, and we’re now in your new universe, blissfully ignorant. While I have your attention, could you cure my acid reflux problem? I’ll sacrifice a nice chicken for you.

    1. That explains why I can’t find my glasses, they must have got left behind. Now the butterfly effect is going to mess this everything up. Sorry folks but thanks for the chicken.

    1. It is not my intention to prove or disprove an external initial cause; I’m simply having fun with bringing the complexity of it all to that initial trigger.

      Having said that, even without the trigger, i.e. no whisper at all, this equation generates a universe. What that means is that a universe is inherent in the equation only and not dependent on a trigger of any sort.

      However, even this universe that is triggered by nothing wouldn’t come into being unless I allow for a space & time to unfold in; though I suspect that an equation like this could generate space & time as well.

      And that leaves me with the equation itself. I cannot see as yet how even the simplest equation comes into being of its own accord. This may well prove to be the last question that science will end up with: when you bring it all down to an equation that accounts for everything; where did the equation come from?

      The possible only answer that, brought to its origins is: the universe simply *is*. This is the conclusion that Taoist and Buddhist already gave us a while ago. It may not satisfy the scientific mind that is rooted in dualism and causation, but there you go 🙂

  2. I was just being frivolous really, although there may be a serious issue in there somewhere. I agree that the problem is where the equation came from, the laws of physics etc.

    I think the explanation would not be that the universe simply ‘is’, (after all, in a sense it would ‘be is-not’), but that it would follow ineluctably ‘Tao being what it is’. This should be no problem for the scientific mind.

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