Making sense of a four dimensional tree

hyper flower Yesterday I introduced you to hyper genetic fractals but even as I hit the “publish” button, I knew that the images were not convincing. So after a pow-wow with John of Superstitious Naked Ape fame, I’ve created a four dimensional tree. It looks more like an aquarium plant but I’m not fuzzed. Hopefully John isn’t either.

Such a hyper tree starts off as an ordinary tree with branches splitting off into different directions. Using the genetic fractal model, one of these directions is in the fourth dimension. That’s a little hard to imagine so if it helps, you can imagine that some of these branches disappear into an invisible space but they are there nonetheless.

Then, I took that tree and rotated it in four dimensional space such that the some of the invisible features appear in the three dimensions that we are able to see. The result is shown in the youtube below.

What you are seeing is the hyper tree being rotated in the YZ plane and then the XY plane. I know that sounds weird: “rotating in a plane” rather than around some axis. Never mind, that is the fourth dimension for you. The rotations are repeated in slow motion for your study and meditation.

As yesterday, these are true rotations and the tree is not being deformed or anything. It is a static hyper tree viewed from different angles. Four dimensional rotations are bizarre, to say the least. When you look at the first rotation in the YZ plane, you think that you can spot bits that rotate one way and then they seem to go the other. When you get over that you see that branches get denser or are thinning out. This is the part where branches are rotated into the fourth for us invisible dimension.

As I ponder this post, I ask myself: do such higher dimensional objects exist? Do we see such hyper rotations in the real world?

I am very tempted to say that anytime you see something change shape, like a flower that opens or a coconut that grows into a palm tree, that we are witnessing a higher dimensional rotation (or translation) of a higher dimensional thing called flower or palm tree. I even tempted to say that a dented car is merely the same car locally rotated into a higher dimension. But that sounds flippant when in fact, I am profoundly challenging my own view of an ever changing world.

What if that world is a large static object of a very high dimension whose features rotate and out of view as we go about our lives? What if there is no such thing as change but that the world is revolving through its higher dimensions?

I will remain vigilant and find real world examples. In an earlier post, I referred to the murmuration of starlings as an example of a real world hyper rotation of a higher dimensional form. Then in a follow up post, I mentioned that anytime there is an physical process where non-spatial quantities influence spatial forms, that these can be seen as higher dimensional rotations.

Armed with this new tool for creating higher dimensional objects (much higher than the fourth dimension), I might stumble on some giant squid of thought and observation. Here’s hoping.

if you’re interested in the nuts and bolts of hyper dimensional genetic fractals, be regaled here. Don’t click just before dinner, it is, ehh, a little challenging.

12 thoughts on “Making sense of a four dimensional tree

  1. What if there is no such thing as change but that the world is revolving through its higher dimensions?

    That is a great question, although it completely messes with any notion of autonomy. Then again, the argument against free will is very strong, and this might just be another seed of evidence to that effect. Perhaps, just perhaps, consciousness crosses multiple dimensions, and in the lower dimensional states, likes our 3D cage, we are truly at the whim of that same consciousness acting in higher realms… each successively higher realm affecting the lower with greater and greater pervasive effect. In this case we are both, simultaneously, the puppet and puppeteer.

    1. I’ve been wondering that. Intuitively it makes sense and using the hyper dimensional fractal model, we’d have that “all is one’ consciousness turning its wheels.

      Free will is an illusion that feels great (IMHO). More to the point, what if this hyper dimensional consciousness grows like a crystal? We’d still have no free will but at least at the universes level the story hasn’t been written from a to z. An open ended story that evolves as it has to.

      1. Oh, I like that!

        And I tend to agree with you regarding free will. I do have a pet theory though (which works only if there is no higher dimensional influence echoing back), which suggests we might have one moment of true free will, a unique, equal opportunity decision made somewhere toward the end of the 3 year period in which our brains are hooking up (aborisation) after birth. That alone sets the rest. Impossible to measure, but not entirely silly in the same breath.

      2. I might agree. I think that bulk of our decisions are calculated by a sloppy biological computer between our ears that takes the world as its only input. Since the mushy circuitry settles around the time that you mention, there is a degree of fixation of “destiny” that takes place.

        Not that this interferes with hyper dimensional consciousness. Even those words will attract geeks from around the glove to this thread.:)

  2. Your “murmuration” post was outstanding, I have no doubt your “nuts and bolts” hyper dimensional genetic fractals “Click” will leave me equally enlightened/mystified (though likely not in the same league as you and John). Will get back to you tomorrow after more sleep and less wine.:)

    1. I thought of you as I write this. I hope you get a new perspective on hyper dimensional objects and space. The more I ‘play’ with this, the more I realize that all this is very real and not just meanderings of the curious mind. Enjoy 🙂

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