3D genetic printer (artist’s impression)

Genetic 3D printer in action [Image credit Genetic Fractals]
3D genetic printer in action [Image credit Genetic Fractals]
In yesterdays post I mentioned 3D genetic printers. These printers will be on board of spacecraft on missions to planets that may sustain life. If life is already present then these spacecraft will pursue their mission elsewhere. Otherwise, they will seek the oceans to complete their tasks.

The genetic code of proto-life allows for adaptation to a variety of environments. Typically, the first genetic spawn will serve to collect energy and kick off a food chain. From their on, the genetic code will develop the ability to migrate and populate. Once there is a stable base of proto-life, specialization will occur including symbiotic populations and intelligence.

Although the genetic code will be comprehensive and be able to replicate the entire evolution of life as it unfolded on earth,  more likely the genomes of species will evolve to be adapted to the new environment.

We’ll never get a return signal from such missions as the distances are measured in light years. If earth however is the only place in the universe that has evolved life, then it is our cosmic duty to ensure it survives, if not here, at least elsewhere.

5 thoughts on “3D genetic printer (artist’s impression)

  1. Off topic but I have a burning question. Are you able to explain “nanobots” to me? Frankly and from what little I understand – the concept is daunting and ominous. I sort of “get” practical applications, what stumps me is how they might bite us in the ass.

    1. The problem and genius with nanobots and nanotechnology in general is their size. You could inhale them for medical healing purposes or perhaps some lunatic has turned them into microscopic chainsaws that will pulp your brain. This puts them on a par with viruses, drugs, pollution, radiation and so on.
      Whenever humans develop technology they use it for good, for bad and worse, they fuck up. But on the whole, we do the right thing. Our desire to live still outweighs our desire to self destruct.
      So as far as nanobots is concerned: bring it on. We’ll fuck it up here and there but mostly, they will be awesome!
      To alley some fears: nanobots do not self replicate. For that you will need genetic fractal technology 🙂

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