Blueprinting life – because we can

genetic fractal-zoom

When I first thought of genetic fractals, it was when observing a flowering bush. The thunderbolt thought was about the relationship between genetic codes and natural structure of life, i.e. fractals. Now, 4 years later, I have developed the theory of that relationship on my genetic fractal science & technology site and put it out to the science community.

I’m sure I’ll have a lot to add to that but the time has probably come to take genetic fractals to its natural stage: create life. Or at least, understand how to create life.

Genetic fractals are build on a concept of artificial DNA and it will be enough to string the right chunks of such artificial DNA together to produce a living entity, at least in the memory banks of my computer. I might then send it to a 3D printer and wait for ‘it’ to escape from the workshop.

So what are the bits of artificial DNA I need?

cnidaria_fractalus 1 piece that grows a body. We’re OK there, that is what genetic fractals do quite well, generating suitable bodies that are well adapted to their environment.
universe-postcard1 1 piece that harbors intelligence. We’ll stick to the basics and be satisfied with enough intelligence to tell the difference between food and mortal danger. In its most basic form, that is what intelligence is: the ability to make good choices.
skeleton (extinct) genetic fractal 1 piece that produces awareness. That shouldn’t be too hard as it will come from adding some senses and connect them to intelligence. We’ll put in some memory too, for good measure so that awareness isn’t only fleeting.
fractal reality duality 1 piece that creates self-awareness. This is not strictly necessary but it is probably the fun part. Seeing itself as part of the scene it is in, will introduce both social and egotistic behavior. It will spark love and hatred, cooperation and murder.
gf2 1 piece for consciousness. My working hypothesis is that intelligence, awareness and self-awareness make up consciousness but we’ll pencil some artificial DNA in, in case we need it. We could even call it the God gene but as said, I don’t think we need it.
3d-genetic-fractal-root-larvae 1 piece for self replication. After all: if all else fails, replicate. We’re good with this too because it comes automatically with genetic fractals.

So there you have it, a blueprint of genetic fractal life.

I’ll be creating these pieces of artificial DNA in stages and report as I go along. As with all journeys, it is what we will discover along the way that will be interesting. Actually re-creating life is rather pointless but we’ll do it anyway, just for the sake of completeness.

4 thoughts on “Blueprinting life – because we can

    1. and I wasn’t even joking… If we are willing to take the mystery out of conscious life, it becomes an equation. I don’t think that equation is as complicated as all that. My laptop has enough horsepower to simulate a simple conscious organism. To render an android conscious will take a turbo boosted Big Blue. But then, Moore’s law will deliver that in the next 20 years. I might as well get ready for that. 

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