So long and thanks for all the fish

Horizon [credit Wikimedia]
Horizon [credit Wikimedia]
There are times in (my) life when I need to hit the delete button. Sometimes they are big deletes, like resigning from a job, or tiny deletes, like sorting out a wardrobe and throwing old T-shirts out.

Today I’m deleting my blog.

Such deletes are not random.Whenever a pattern in my life emerges, there emerges also an undercurrent that wants to undo it. Once the undercurrent becomes a river, I resort to self-destructing a little by removing things from my life.

I’ve often thought that this was a form of stupidity or inability to stay the course. But I have learned that it is a lot better than that. It is a strong desire for freedom. The freedom to move into the direction that I want. The freedom to move on.

Six years ago I quit a high flying job. It was physically and emotionally slowly destroying me. In the aftermaths I had lunch with a business partner who told me something very simple and very true.

When you remove something from your life, like a job, you create a vacuum.

Nature abhors a vacuum and something will fill it soon enough.

Right now I am a consultant doing temporary work at a big company. The contract expires in June and will probably be renewed until December. After that, I have no idea. My wife worries about this and it should worry me. Where she sees the threat of loss of income, I see freedom and opportunity.

I started this blog in February 2003 after watching Julia & Julia on a plane. After that, I wanted what she had: fun with writing and a new venture. This Genetic Fractals blog did exactly that for me. Like Julia, I met some great people here and that contact and these exchanges were the very best part of having a blog.

You’ll know by now that Genetic Fractals is also a mathematical research project into a special type of fractals that – according to me – underpin much of the natural processes around us. That project has stopped and started since I came up with the concept in 2011. I’m stopping this research too but I’m sure that in my subconscious mind I will continue to observe and analyse and one day – be it a year or ten – I will pick it up again. It’s a hobby project; my life doesn’t depend on it.

So why delete the blog? For no other reason than that spring is reminding me that it is time to do something new. What, I don’t know. First I’ll create the vacuum and the rest will follow. It could be anything but it will be something.

I can only end this by thanking you as sincerely as I can. Your visits have been the highlight of my days and I will continue to pay you visits – I’m not leaving the planet as the dolphins did in the 4th book of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, whilst singing:

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

But I will thank you, for all the fish and more.

18 thoughts on “So long and thanks for all the fish

  1. Wow – quite a change!! I admire your attitude although it is sad of course to see your excellent blog posts vanishing from the internet.
    Good luck and all the best!

    Do you have an offline backup 😉 ?

    1. Hi Elkement, yes – change – change is good! I have a complete back-up. I will probably print a book to put on my shelf.
      Thanks for the good wishes and I’m sure to keep visiting your great blog, that I admire much.

  2. Sometimes we find the clarity needed to refocus thoughts and energy. I applaud your decision – knowing well that it’s necessary and not taken lightly. I’ll miss your perspectives – you impacted my little corner of the world.Thank you for allowing your vision to become a tool that opened my mind. 🙂

    1. Many thanks Phill. In the 3 years I have had my two blogs on Genetic Fractals, I’ve never had someone suggesting that my theory of genetic fractals ( related to their interests and should be worth exploring jointly. How typical that I should find about your interest in fractal error feedback on the very last page I’m writing about this.

      I definitely won’t lose hold of the work I have done so far. In its next iteration – when the time is right – it will emerge with more maturity and could be either applied or theoretical. Probably both 🙂

      Many thanks for being a regular here. If the web is like the real world, than I’m sure to see you around. Cheers,

  3. I have enjoyed reading your posts–refreshingly different and always insightful. What you’re doing makes perfect sense to be and I admire the bravery that it takes to pull the plug and embrace the vacuum. May your curiosity be rewarded. All the best, Melissa

    1. Delighted to see you at my last ‘post’. It’s strange how short lived vacuums are. Having made some space, it didn’t take a week for me to be back to writing … a novel. Not my first but hopefully the first to put out there. I’m keeping my genetic fractals identity so you may see me around at your blog. Many thanks, Henk

  4. I wasn’t here to see it; otherwise I would have wished you a good luck. Last year was ground-breaking for me too. I had to break free from my blog for several months cause of an injury which is still hampering a normal life style, but I did not come here to talk only about myself. I came here to thank you for coming back. It’s not a phrase – it is true: I have missed your thoughts GF.

    1. Thanks Paula, I needed an intellectual break to collect my thoughts. I have way too many things going on which is in part a reflection of my chaotic mind but also that my job is a little unstable and need to have many irons in many fires. I have seen your blog posts in my email all the time that you were blogging and although I didn’t respond, there is always a smile in my mind’s eye. Good to ‘see’ you again.

      1. I was going to ask about the job. I hope it does not cause to much stress for you and your wife. I’ll be back.

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