Returning from a void

Eight months ago I deleted the content from this blog in an attempt to create space in my head. This blog was becoming ultra geeky and needed to be put on ice.

Unable to sit still, I then threw all my energy into a novel. My third unpublished-and-never-will-be. I always get stuck at the 1st revision. One day I will get through that but as you can imagine, my work on genetic fractals naturally worms its way to the fore. But even that work only moves ahead ever so slowly as I scrape the barrel of spare time.

One of the cool things about being me is that my mind always finds some crawling space or cracks that will take it to new and exciting places to hang out and explore. This tends to go hand in hand with the ability to quickly get bored with a good thing. It’s an ENTP thing.

Back in 2013 when I started this blog I was without employment. I then managed to get a job as a consultant and I’ve been commuting between Amsterdam and Geneva since then. It’s a good thing but it’s becoming a drag; I don’t actually unpack my bag anymore, I just swap the shirts and underwear out and adjust for the expected weather in Amsterdam.

Long live the Euro Commuter. But me, I’m bored with a good thing.

Last weekend, my wife and I went for a walk along lake Geneva and just as the sun was about to disappear behind the mountains, it lit up the haze on the lake, veiling the majestic Mont Blanc. I stopped and took this photo.

lake banner

Island by Rolle, Lake Geneva, Switzerland

That’s when I knew I had to re-inflate this blog again. You see, such beauty is ever present but if we see it at all, it tends to evaporate the instant that we do.

I couldn’t let that happen, because that is exactly the inspiration I’m seeking. This is the anti-boredom remedy. This will get me out of Euro Commuting into something truly exciting. This is why I’m studying genetic fractals. Hell, this will even get me past a 3rd revision!

It’s good to be back. Good to see you again.



11 thoughts on “Returning from a void

  1. So happy to see you again .. geeky your site might have been, but so so stimulating. Loved your photo btw. Pls don’t get bored too quickly with this good thing. 🙂

      1. I know that feeling 🙂 How about breaking into three sections (three small books, essentially) and tackling it that way?

        Is it science fiction?

        Still, if you want to email the editor, just let me know, OK.

      2. My second novel is the most advanced. It is a metaphysical mystery, so science fiction in a way. I never thought about contacting an editor. Let me ponder that – could be a 2016 thing.

  2. Hoi,

    Gaan we nu de structuur van de Pythagorasboom verkennen dan? In het midden boven het startpunt verdicht die zich tot dimensie 2. Dat wil ik zien! De structuur waarmee dat gebeurt heeft wellicht toepassingen in de engineering.

    Ga je jouw grafische software aanpassen om de bloesem cande pythagorasboom te bekijken door erop te kunnen inzoomen?

    Vriendelijke groet,



    1. Hé Ben, nee, njet op dit blog wat meet filosofisch is. Ik ben nu een CNC router aan het bouwen om mijn fractale ontwerpen te fabriceren. Daarna weer terug naar de theorie.

      Ik denk niet dat een zoom op de Pythagoras boom zal zetten omdat dat weinig zin heeft omdat die fractaal perfect zelf-similair is

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