The end of it all

image credit Wikimedia
Black hole (Wikimedia)

Recently a colleague asked me about Genetic Fractals. That surprised me because I don’t really talk about this stuff at work. As it turned out, he didn’t ask me about Genetic Fractals but I misunderstood a tangential reference to TED and I launched into a lecture on my theories of genetic fractals as a Theory of Everything starting from the creation of the universe. Continue reading The end of it all

3D genetic printer (artist’s impression)

Genetic 3D printer in action [Image credit Genetic Fractals]
3D genetic printer in action [Image credit Genetic Fractals]
In yesterdays post I mentioned 3D genetic printers. These printers will be on board of spacecraft on missions to planets that may sustain life. If life is already present then these spacecraft will pursue their mission elsewhere. Otherwise, they will seek the oceans to complete their tasks. Continue reading 3D genetic printer (artist’s impression)

Just like that

Blue flowing chandelier
Blue chandelier made with blue neon wire, power LEDs and golden pearls. [designed with and by genetic fractals]
The end of the year is always a time for finishing things to make space for new ideas. I’ve been meaning to create a new collection of genetic fractal images and designs. I’ve got lots of plans for 2015 so I’d better finish up on that collection. I’ll putting these up here and if I’m inspired, I might even say a thing or two. Continue reading Just like that

Grappling with shadows in the fourth dimension


Notestoponder asked a simple question: “can someone explain the 4th dimension”. The responses she got were disappointing. Standard high school explanations such as “time is the fourth dimension”, or “imagine color or transparency” as a fourth dimension. Continue reading Grappling with shadows in the fourth dimension

Making sense of a four dimensional tree

hyper flower Yesterday I introduced you to hyper genetic fractals but even as I hit the “publish” button, I knew that the images were not convincing. So after a pow-wow with John of Superstitious Naked Ape fame, I’ve created a four dimensional tree. It looks more like an aquarium plant but I’m not fuzzed. Hopefully John isn’t either. Continue reading Making sense of a four dimensional tree

Hyper fractals for fourth dimension geeks


This is not a coming out; I’ve been known to go on about fourth dimensions and other weird stuff like non-integer dimensions. I am otherwise relatively normal but when it comes to dimensions, I am an incurable geek. Continue reading Hyper fractals for fourth dimension geeks