Randomness as the origin of creativity


When looking at the creative advances in technology, art, science or society that really changed the story of humanity, we see that they are all quantum leaps. What does that mean? It means that true innovation requires a departure from Continue reading Randomness as the origin of creativity


The nature of randomness


Randomness has a bad name. It is closely associated with chaos, unintended, unreliable, misguided and pointless. Strangely enough, randomness is at the very root of order. It is the cause of diversity in nature and guards us against descent into oblivion. Let’s celebrate randomness in this post. Continue reading The nature of randomness

Why thinking is a bad idea, if you want to get somewhere good


I’m currently deep in the depth of mathematical research into the equations behind genetic fractals. I’m also ever looking for the next thing to do. Regular work bores me quickly and right now my work is as regular as it gets and I can do it with my brain in sleep mode. The only redeeming hope is that the work is temporary and Continue reading Why thinking is a bad idea, if you want to get somewhere good

Life under a giant sun

giant sun

I live on the foothills of the Jura mountains and at this time of year we often get fog in the valley. On such days we wake up to a beautiful sun, set in a deep blue sky. Then, as I drive into the valley to go to work, I descend into a fog which evolves into a low hanging cloud. Continue reading Life under a giant sun

Joseph Fourier and the Creation Equation

bone anenome genetic fractalJoseph Fourier, French mathematician (1768-1830) is one of my heroes. Join me back in 1994 during a lonely nightshift in the control room of the LEAR antiproton decelerator at CERN.
Continue reading Joseph Fourier and the Creation Equation

Desiring a second rate life


Recently I watched a BBC programme “Visions of the future” on YouTube. One scene that stopped me in my mental tracks was of a young woman who described herself as an introverted history student and who admitted that she much preferred living in World of Warcraft where she was recognized by her online buddies as outgoing and extroverted. Continue reading Desiring a second rate life