Just like that

Blue flowing chandelier
Blue chandelier made with blue neon wire, power LEDs and golden pearls. [designed with and by genetic fractals]
The end of the year is always a time for finishing things to make space for new ideas. I’ve been meaning to create a new collection of genetic fractal images and designs. I’ve got lots of plans for 2015 so I’d better finish up on that collection. I’ll putting these up here and if I’m inspired, I might even say a thing or two. Continue reading Just like that

A story of aesthetic design

Shadow Tree "Ombrier I" in action
Shadow Tree “Ombrier I” in action

As I explore the nature of genetic fractals, I discover new angles that have me in awe. Recently I’ve been forcing myself to use them for designing ordinary objects, as opposed to exotic and bizarre things like the Shadow Tree (or worse!) Continue reading A story of aesthetic design

Postcard: Art in the Provence

Today’s postcard is from St Paul near Vence, just above Nice on the french Riviera.

St Paul is a medieval village perched on a hill top. Just outside the wall of the citadel is an inn named “la Colombe d’Or”, the Golden Dove. This unassuming inn became a favourite haunt for artists in 1920′ and after. Continue reading Postcard: Art in the Provence