Higgs blossoms and cherry bosons

‘So what’s up Eddy?’

On this first hot day at CERN, birthplace of the World Wide Web, Higgs bosons and other amazing things, we are having lunch at the tennis club just opposite the laboratory. Lots of happy physicists, engineers and even a few tennis players are enjoying Italian food or local fare on a sunny terrace, surrounded by trees that have only just sprung into bloom. Even the new green leaves are so fragile that they look like flower petals. Continue reading Higgs blossoms and cherry bosons


Lunch at the Cathedral of Science

Today I had lunch with on old colleague at CERN, home of the Higgs Boson discovery and the birthplace of the World Wide Web. I worked there for 12 years before deciding to leave science for business at the turn of the millennium. Continue reading Lunch at the Cathedral of Science