When genetic fractals mate: select the fittest and cross-breed


You may have had the impression that “genetic” in “genetic fractals” was just a conceptual term to convey a notion that these fractals have a link with life. Actually, these fractals are build on a genetic code that is mathematically at their core.

Having created some new genetic fractals recently, I decided to take pairs of them and let them mate. We’ll skip the process which sadly isn’t nearly as fun as the way that other species ‘do it’ but it comes down to mixing the DNA of these genetic fractals by taking 50% of each parent and then growing a new genetic fractal from the new DNA. Above and below are two examples.

One of my objectives with this research is to use genetic fractals to create objects that are useful to humans. Common things like furniture and tools could be among them. If you grasp the concept of random genetic fractals of a useful form, i.e. you pick the winners and let them mate, you will see that this approach provides a perfect environment for evolutionary design where all the designer has to do is: select the fittest and cross-breed.