Images from a genetic fractal universe


Back in 2014 I excitedly announced the birth of a genetic fractal universe in my post “postcard from a new universe”. I then went on and blogged about spring and the joys of travel. Such are the meanderings of a distracted mind. But that new universe Continue reading Images from a genetic fractal universe


Epiphanic explorational moments


Over the holiday period, my mind tends to find its way out. Out as in, out of the rut and constraints of the life I have built around me. Out as in, out of these self-inflicted boundaries that keep me safe and stupid. Continue reading Epiphanic explorational moments

A beautiful mind


You’ve seen “A beautiful mind” with Russel Crowe about the life of the mathematician John Nash. Well, I’ve been having a beautiful-mind-week.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take time off from this blog. I was spending too much time writing and reading and needed to rebalance. At roughly the same time, a number of philosophical and mathematical questions were swirling around in my brain and instead of touching base with reality, I wandered of into the dark forest of mathematics. Continue reading A beautiful mind