Your anti-Cartesian life

Dune near Santpoort, one of Rene Descartes addresses
Dune near Santpoort (Netherlands), one of Rene Descartes addresses

As I started writing this post, I decided to get my facts right and read up on René Descartes (1596 – 1650). I have been quietly blaming him for everything that is wrong in this world and I assumed that this annoying Frenchman had spent his days prancing around the French courts of trite, spouting his novel thoughts. You’ll understand my surprise when I learned that René Descartes fell in love with a Dutch woman and the Netherlands, and spent most of his life in that nation of unsophisticated pragmatists. Continue reading Your anti-Cartesian life

Dualism and why Alice is a bitch


I’m in a bad mood. There. It has nothing to do with Monday blues or the 10 degree drop in temperature. Birds still sing their hot little hearts out and there is no stopping my grass from its one spell of freedom it gets every year. I can’t bring myself to cut the wild flowers and besides, the ground is too sodden from the snow it devoured earlier this year. Continue reading Dualism and why Alice is a bitch