The illusion of trees


As you may know, I’ve been erring in uncharted territory of the mathematical mind in seeking to understand fractals and the fractal nature of our world. In doing so, I tripped over a fallen tree marked “creativity”. If fractals have led me astray then creativity has me beamed into another universe and before you cross the bridge to the next paragraph, please be warned that in that other world, logic has its own rules and received wisdom was refused entry. Continue reading The illusion of trees

Dualism and why Alice is a bitch


I’m in a bad mood. There. It has nothing to do with Monday blues or the 10 degree drop in temperature. Birds still sing their hot little hearts out and there is no stopping my grass from its one spell of freedom it gets every year. I can’t bring myself to cut the wild flowers and besides, the ground is too sodden from the snow it devoured earlier this year. Continue reading Dualism and why Alice is a bitch

An experience of hand

Direct experience of hand as a surprising revelation
Direct experience of hand as a surprising revelation

I ran again this morning. I try to run when I’m not travelling or in early meetings. At best this gives me exercise half the time.

It was still cold and the limited light painted a bleak landscape; subtle beauty. There was a mild northerly wind which meant that on the first stretch, I took the biting cold in the face. The wind crept through the gaps in my running gear and through the seams of my gloves, wrapping itself around my fingers. Continue reading An experience of hand