Change is not the only constant

Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Google Art Project
Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Google Art Project

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by change. I might even admit that I am a “Change Junky”. I need a regular dose and will resort to extreme measures to get it. Generally I have a good look where I’m going and then I turn the other way. New experience is my rush. Continue reading Change is not the only constant

T-shirts from my solipsistic planet


I’ve been absent from blogging for several weeks now. I wrote a few posts that I didn’t publish – they weren’t suitable for outside consumption. They were set in my own little solipsistic world. As I stare out of my window, sun is lighting up my garden and in spite of the wintry temperatures, plants, trees and birds are happily experiencing a reality that was/is so distant to me. Continue reading T-shirts from my solipsistic planet

The Power of Experience


Did you read ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle? If you didn’t you may well have picked up this wisdom elsewhere: Live the moment, live in the ‘here and now’ and be happy.

This ‘now’ philosophy has intrigued me for a long time. I can understand that living in the past or wishing your life away into some future is not conducive to happiness in the present. Continue reading The Power of Experience

Spring in my step


Morning light from a spring sun: if ever there was a double whammy to experiencing life! I’m like a kid in a toy store; wherever I turn, nature is trying to get my attention, like those smiling carpet salesmen at Istanbul Grand Bazaar.  ‘Here, look here, very good!’ The tweeting birds are deafening in their attempt to out sing each other. ‘Let’s make love!’  They have lost all reserve and males are overtly chasing the girls who are not playing very hard to get. It’s bordering on indecent, it’s a delight! Continue reading Spring in my step

Walking meditation


There is something I’ve been meaning to share for a while: a walking meditation. This sort of meditation can leave me mesmerised and intensely happy. It allows me to experience the outside world in that state of stillness, balance and well being. It also gives me exercise and fresh air! Continue reading Walking meditation

Deep encounters


The tropical rain is hammering down on a worn blue tarpaulin stretched over a thin steel frame over the deck. The fading light all but disappears under a grey curtain of rain that churns the sea and hides the jagged rocks of the coast nearby. Our captain strains to find his bearings, unsure of himself he signals to the dive master. We’re as close the dive site as we’re going to get and need to get in the to water fast. Continue reading Deep encounters

An experience of hand

Direct experience of hand as a surprising revelation
Direct experience of hand as a surprising revelation

I ran again this morning. I try to run when I’m not travelling or in early meetings. At best this gives me exercise half the time.

It was still cold and the limited light painted a bleak landscape; subtle beauty. There was a mild northerly wind which meant that on the first stretch, I took the biting cold in the face. The wind crept through the gaps in my running gear and through the seams of my gloves, wrapping itself around my fingers. Continue reading An experience of hand