Postcard: when it rains

This week I will be sending a few postcards from the village of Saint Jean on Cap Ferrat, a tiny peninsula near Nice in the South of France.

I wake up to the sound of rain. Continue reading Postcard: when it rains

A brush with time

ImageA modern zen Koan: A 19th century house in the Provence versus an off-spec Barratt Home in Milton-Keynes. Spot the difference.

Duh, I hear you think but hold it right there because I’m having a brush with time. Continue reading A brush with time

Paris-Tokyo by train, ありがとう


My frequent travel status by air is seriously into precious metals but trains are my 1st choice anytime. So when I go to Paris, I take the TGV, which stands for Train Grand Speed and don’t ask about the V. Geneva-Paris, 3 hours. That’s exactly the same time and cost as by plane except you don’t get strip searched for liquids and nor do you have to run the security obstacle course. Continue reading Paris-Tokyo by train, ありがとう