Randomness as the origin of creativity


When looking at the creative advances in technology, art, science or society that really changed the story of humanity, we see that they are all quantum leaps. What does that mean? It means that true innovation requires a departure from Continue reading Randomness as the origin of creativity


When genetic fractals mate: select the fittest and cross-breed


You may have had the impression that “genetic” in “genetic fractals” was just a conceptual term to convey a notion that these fractals have a link with life. Actually, these fractals are build on a genetic code that is mathematical Continue reading When genetic fractals mate: select the fittest and cross-breed

The nature of randomness


Randomness has a bad name. It is closely associated with chaos, unintended, unreliable, misguided and pointless. Strangely enough, randomness is at the very root of order. It is the cause of diversity in nature and guards us against descent into oblivion. Let’s celebrate randomness in this post. Continue reading The nature of randomness

Epiphanic explorational moments


Over the holiday period, my mind tends to find its way out. Out as in, out of the rut and constraints of the life I have built around me. Out as in, out of these self-inflicted boundaries that keep me safe and stupid. Continue reading Epiphanic explorational moments

The awesomeness of being lost


The lack of activity on this blog – this my third post in 2016 – only means one thing: huge activity elsewhere. I have slowed down on searching for great ideas, inspiration, happiness, friendship, love and understanding life. Instead, I concentrate hard on getting lost.

Continue reading The awesomeness of being lost

Singular life

Cnidaria Fractalus in the Gulf of Thailand (26/12/2418)
Cnidaria Fractalus in the Gulf of Thailand (26/12/2418)

Evolution is one of those excruciatingly slow processes and if it wasn’t for our scientific perspective of change over the billennia, we wouldn’t notice it. Or would we? Our understanding of the genome of species and the science to change them will soon lead to an acceleration in the origin of new species. Continue reading Singular life

Just like that

Blue flowing chandelier
Blue chandelier made with blue neon wire, power LEDs and golden pearls. [designed with and by genetic fractals]
The end of the year is always a time for finishing things to make space for new ideas. I’ve been meaning to create a new collection of genetic fractal images and designs. I’ve got lots of plans for 2015 so I’d better finish up on that collection. I’ll putting these up here and if I’m inspired, I might even say a thing or two. Continue reading Just like that

Hyper fractals for fourth dimension geeks


This is not a coming out; I’ve been known to go on about fourth dimensions and other weird stuff like non-integer dimensions. I am otherwise relatively normal but when it comes to dimensions, I am an incurable geek. Continue reading Hyper fractals for fourth dimension geeks

A story of aesthetic design

Shadow Tree "Ombrier I" in action
Shadow Tree “Ombrier I” in action

As I explore the nature of genetic fractals, I discover new angles that have me in awe. Recently I’ve been forcing myself to use them for designing ordinary objects, as opposed to exotic and bizarre things like the Shadow Tree (or worse!) Continue reading A story of aesthetic design