Blueprinting life – because we can

genetic fractal-zoom

When I first thought of genetic fractals, it was when observing a flowering bush. The thunderbolt thought was about the relationship between genetic codes and natural structure of life, i.e. fractals. Now, 4 years later, Continue reading Blueprinting life – because we can


Making sense of a four dimensional tree

hyper flower Yesterday I introduced you to hyper genetic fractals but even as I hit the “publish” button, I knew that the images were not convincing. So after a pow-wow with John of Superstitious Naked Ape fame, I’ve created a four dimensional tree. It looks more like an aquarium plant but I’m not fuzzed. Hopefully John isn’t either. Continue reading Making sense of a four dimensional tree

Postcard from a new Universe


As promised, having created a new Universe, here is a postcard. I hope you weren’t expecting lush strange forests with bizarre animals at my feet; this universe is brand new and hasn’t quite inflated yet, let alone generated organic life. Let me explain. Continue reading Postcard from a new Universe

Genetic fractals…


Let me take you for a tour in my laboratory, which happens to be located in the recesses of a confused mind. If you feel nausea anytime, please step aside, take a few deep breaths and continue the tour. We’ll wait. In any case, I blame David Yerle for waking up this monster that was sleeping quietly at my feet. In fairness, I brought it on myself with yesterdays post. Continue reading Genetic fractals…