A story of aesthetic design

Shadow Tree "Ombrier I" in action
Shadow Tree “Ombrier I” in action

As I explore the nature of genetic fractals, I discover new angles that have me in awe. Recently I’ve been forcing myself to use them for designing ordinary objects, as opposed to exotic and bizarre things like the Shadow Tree (or worse!) Continue reading A story of aesthetic design


Preludes to now

genetic fractals - table lamp lt

genetic fractals: table and lamp (more info below)

I’m waiting to meet a couple of management consultants at Geneva airport. That leaves me a few minutes to write and escape the wait. ‘Waiting’ is a loaded state, it triggers random scenes from the past. One moment I’m thumbing my old blackberry and the next moment I am at a bus shelter in Indonesia, sitting on the floor, leaning against my backpack. Continue reading Preludes to now