Postcard from a new Universe


As promised, having created a new Universe, here is a postcard. I hope you weren’t expecting lush strange forests with bizarre animals at my feet; this universe is brand new and hasn’t quite inflated yet, let alone generated organic life. Let me explain. Continue reading Postcard from a new Universe


Three-point-something? So who exactly cares?


It is Pi Day today and therefore you risk to be spammed with all sorts of curious facts about pi that you never wanted to know. On planet Genetic Fractals we won’t buck that trend.

Let’s start with a philosophical question: is a secret a secret if no one knows it? Continue reading Three-point-something? So who exactly cares?

A beautiful mind


You’ve seen “A beautiful mind” with Russel Crowe about the life of the mathematician John Nash. Well, I’ve been having a beautiful-mind-week.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take time off from this blog. I was spending too much time writing and reading and needed to rebalance. At roughly the same time, a number of philosophical and mathematical questions were swirling around in my brain and instead of touching base with reality, I wandered of into the dark forest of mathematics. Continue reading A beautiful mind