Life under a giant sun

giant sun

I live on the foothills of the Jura mountains and at this time of year we often get fog in the valley. On such days we wake up to a beautiful sun, set in a deep blue sky. Then, as I drive into the valley to go to work, I descend into a fog which evolves into a low hanging cloud. Continue reading Life under a giant sun


Dualism and why Alice is a bitch


I’m in a bad mood. There. It has nothing to do with Monday blues or the 10 degree drop in temperature. Birds still sing their hot little hearts out and there is no stopping my grass from its one spell of freedom it gets every year. I can’t bring myself to cut the wild flowers and besides, the ground is too sodden from the snow it devoured earlier this year. Continue reading Dualism and why Alice is a bitch

Forget news, go for olds


As I reloaded my bag for another day on the battlefield of business, I found Thursday’s newspaper, neatly folded and never been touched. I had picked it up in a hotel and never had time to read it. I normally wouldn’t bother now, but as I am in a trash-reduction mood, I decided to read it anyway. And a wise decision that was! Continue reading Forget news, go for olds