Life under a giant sun

giant sun

I live on the foothills of the Jura mountains and at this time of year we often get fog in the valley. On such days we wake up to a beautiful sun, set in a deep blue sky. Then, as I drive into the valley to go to work, I descend into a fog which evolves into a low hanging cloud. Continue reading Life under a giant sun


Desiring a second rate life


Recently I watched a BBC programme “Visions of the future” on YouTube. One scene that stopped me in my mental tracks was of a young woman who described herself as an introverted history student and who admitted that she much preferred living in World of Warcraft where she was recognized by her online buddies as outgoing and extroverted. Continue reading Desiring a second rate life

Your anti-Cartesian life

Dune near Santpoort, one of Rene Descartes addresses
Dune near Santpoort (Netherlands), one of Rene Descartes addresses

As I started writing this post, I decided to get my facts right and read up on René Descartes (1596 – 1650). I have been quietly blaming him for everything that is wrong in this world and I assumed that this annoying Frenchman had spent his days prancing around the French courts of trite, spouting his novel thoughts. You’ll understand my surprise when I learned that René Descartes fell in love with a Dutch woman and the Netherlands, and spent most of his life in that nation of unsophisticated pragmatists. Continue reading Your anti-Cartesian life

Strange flowers of the third kind

flower BW

Is it a bird? Is it an aeroplane? No, it is a photo from the ‘other side’. In yesterday’s post I alluded to my meanderings in a private solipsistic universe. In answer to a comment from John Zande, I asserted that this solipsistic space is real and that I could show a flower. OK, a weird flower, but still:  quod erat demonstrandum. Continue reading Strange flowers of the third kind

T-shirts from my solipsistic planet


I’ve been absent from blogging for several weeks now. I wrote a few posts that I didn’t publish – they weren’t suitable for outside consumption. They were set in my own little solipsistic world. As I stare out of my window, sun is lighting up my garden and in spite of the wintry temperatures, plants, trees and birds are happily experiencing a reality that was/is so distant to me. Continue reading T-shirts from my solipsistic planet

Higgs blossoms and cherry bosons

‘So what’s up Eddy?’

On this first hot day at CERN, birthplace of the World Wide Web, Higgs bosons and other amazing things, we are having lunch at the tennis club just opposite the laboratory. Lots of happy physicists, engineers and even a few tennis players are enjoying Italian food or local fare on a sunny terrace, surrounded by trees that have only just sprung into bloom. Even the new green leaves are so fragile that they look like flower petals. Continue reading Higgs blossoms and cherry bosons