The last Eden

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If you have been fortunate enough to see a living shrimp in its natural habitat then you will agree on two things with me. First, they are magnificent creatures with their combative pincers, their science fiction like eyes, hyper-balanced legs on stilts and that powerful whip of a tail that allows them to flick to a new position so fast, that your eyes won’t follow. Continue reading The last Eden

Deep encounters


The tropical rain is hammering down on a worn blue tarpaulin stretched over a thin steel frame over the deck. The fading light all but disappears under a grey curtain of rain that churns the sea and hides the jagged rocks of the coast nearby. Our captain strains to find his bearings, unsure of himself he signals to the dive master. We’re as close the dive site as we’re going to get and need to get in the to water fast. Continue reading Deep encounters