Pertinence of what we have to say vs blog stats


So I haven’t posted anything since May 2014. Not surprising as I’m totally absorbed by work at the moment. So what happens to a blog when you don’t post? Although I’ve been with the web since it was created (I was one of the first 100 web users) and have tried everything there is do on the web at least once, just to find out what it is like, I couldn’t have guessed the answer correctly. Continue reading Pertinence of what we have to say vs blog stats


Strange flowers of the third kind

flower BW

Is it a bird? Is it an aeroplane? No, it is a photo from the ‘other side’. In yesterday’s post I alluded to my meanderings in a private solipsistic universe. In answer to a comment from John Zande, I asserted that this solipsistic space is real and that I could show a flower. OK, a weird flower, but still:  quod erat demonstrandum. Continue reading Strange flowers of the third kind

T-shirts from my solipsistic planet


I’ve been absent from blogging for several weeks now. I wrote a few posts that I didn’t publish – they weren’t suitable for outside consumption. They were set in my own little solipsistic world. As I stare out of my window, sun is lighting up my garden and in spite of the wintry temperatures, plants, trees and birds are happily experiencing a reality that was/is so distant to me. Continue reading T-shirts from my solipsistic planet