Returning from a void

Eight months ago I deleted the content from this blog in an attempt to create space in my head. This blog was becoming ultra geeky and needed to be put on ice.

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Help! I’m relaxed and detached


I once met a German entrepreneur who told me he never took holidays. ‘It destroys my routine’, he said, ‘and it takes me weeks to get back to the right level of stress’. Personally I thrive on change and disruption and to me, routine feels like early internment. I often think of this German man when I deliberately sabotage a good rhythm. Continue reading Help! I’m relaxed and detached

Postcard: from a war grave at St Hospice, Cap Ferrat

Today’s postcard is from St Hospice at Cap Ferrat in the South of France.

Cap Ferrat is split into two capes, a small one, sticking out like a thumb to the east and a big cape, the stretched fingers to the west. The fingers is where all the expensive properties are. On the thumb cape the properties are also in the 10+ million Euro range but they would appear to be family owned and probably never change hands. This gives this part of the cape a feeling of established continuity. Continue reading Postcard: from a war grave at St Hospice, Cap Ferrat

Postcard: Art in the Provence

Today’s postcard is from St Paul near Vence, just above Nice on the french Riviera.

St Paul is a medieval village perched on a hill top. Just outside the wall of the citadel is an inn named “la Colombe d’Or”, the Golden Dove. This unassuming inn became a favourite haunt for artists in 1920′ and after. Continue reading Postcard: Art in the Provence

Postcard: Cannes, the old affair

Another postcard, this time from Cannes in the South of France.

Cannes, of film festival fame. Red carpets and paparazzi, this is “spot the celebrity” land. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recognise Bruce Willis if he punched me in the face or Nicole Kidman if she embraced me in comfort, berating bad Bruce. So, sadly I won’t be recognising any celebs today. Continue reading Postcard: Cannes, the old affair