Disaster as genesis

Death of a tree

Last night a terrific storm hit us. We live at the foot of the Jura mountains and when the sun sets behind them – which is very quick and abrupt – the temperature drops a few degrees instantaneously and causes a massive downdraft as cold air rushes in to fill the valley. When that happens, I am running around the garden collecting chairs and a barbeque that decide to throw a party of their own. Continue reading Disaster as genesis

The illusion of trees


As you may know, I’ve been erring in uncharted territory of the mathematical mind in seeking to understand fractals and the fractal nature of our world. In doing so, I tripped over a fallen tree marked “creativity”. If fractals have led me astray then creativity has me beamed into another universe and before you cross the bridge to the next paragraph, please be warned that in that other world, logic has its own rules and received wisdom was refused entry. Continue reading The illusion of trees