Travelled time

An old KLM poster communicating pride. Except that the Flying Dutchman was a doomed ghost ship!
An old KLM poster communicating pride by linking their brand with the mythical Flying Dutchman. Except that the Flying Dutchman was a ghost ship doomed to sail the seas forever!

There was a time when my job had me travel all over the world. In style. I’d be jetting to all the nice places in the world, often receiving VIP treatment. That had nothing to do with my stature as a human being but was a reflection of my role in an industry that deeply regrets the good old days of travel more than anyone else. The airline industry. Continue reading Travelled time

OMG, one year!?

wordpress-anniv One year ago, on a flight back from Tokyo to Geneva I watched Julia & Julia. It was 3 days before I was closing the doors of the failed company I had been running for 3 years and I had nothing lined up. I was unemployed.

So I started a blog. Continue reading OMG, one year!?