View from the jetty

boatsAre you cold?’, I asked the old man in the wheelchair. ‘Not as cold as I could be’, he chuckled. I picked up the grey blanket at his feet and put it back on his lap. He stared ahead so I ignored him and waited for the next lake ferry. Continue reading View from the jetty


Beam me up, Starbucks!


4AM. Gnnaaeee. What is that sound? Gnaaeee. Jetlag. It is that combination of dehydration, compressed eyes and throbbing head. Gnaaeee. There is no escape, even CNN or Discovery Channel can’t hold my attention. 4:02 AM. 4:02:09 AM. Gnnaaeee. Perhaps a chocolate bar or a tin of peanuts will help. No. Great, now I feel sick. Continue reading Beam me up, Starbucks!